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Black Hat Network - Episode 2 - The Problem & The Solution

June 06, 2021 Black Hat Team Season 1 Episode 2
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Black Hat Network - Episode 2 - The Problem & The Solution
Show Notes

Freelancers deserve better. Whether you are a designer, writer, SEO specialist, social media marketer, or anyone else who wants to make a living on the internet, the fees are too high to make a real wage.

Maybe you want to buy these services, but you get stung with the fees too, making you pay more than necessary.

It is time for that to change!

Getting paid shouldn’t cost you an additional twenty percent, and you should never pay more than you need for what you want.

Making a living from your skill takes around twenty percent more effort for the same money!

Millions of freelancers, businesses, and buyers face this problem every single day.

 Fiat currency platforms are ruling the market for digital goods, but only time will tell if they will keep up with innovation.

Progression is all around us; the way we commute, the way we talk, even the way that we see.

Enter Black Hat Network - The online marketplace designed for freelancers, by freelancers.

We understand the struggles that you have, paying for services you need for your business, and we are the evolution that all freelancers and buyers need!

The Black Hat Network Marketplace is the turning point.

Thirty percent of Fortune 500 businesses already use freelancer websites, and it is estimated that 53% of the next generation of workers will freelance in the future.

Black Hat Network, built on the Elrond blockchain, with all of its great features, wants to dramatically reduce those fees that make our lives hard, to insignificant amounts. We want to give everyone equal opportunities to make a name for themselves, instead of the top names in each sector getting all the work.

Buyers should have their place too. A platform where they can decide who to buy from without fear of not getting exactly what they want.

Every buyer will have clear, simple options to choose from.

Do you want a beginner designer at a low price? Willing to pay for an advanced programmer? Or anywhere in between? See who is available for what you need in easy-to-view sections and make the right choice.

The top five freelancing companies make hundreds of millions of dollars every year in buyer and seller fees alone!

You should decide where your money goes.

A clean community-based environment, sharp design, small processing fees, and great products are the beginning of the future.

Join the revolution: Join Black Hat Network!
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